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FX Update – NZ data this week should support the Kiwi dollar

Geopolitical risks continue to outweigh economic factors as market drivers, with the French elections, North Korea and US political machinations all contribution to the mix. The final poll for the French Presidency will be this Sunday and although the centrist candidate Macron is now expected to win, there remain a large number of undecided votes and right wing, anti-Euro Marine LePen has run a solid campaign. Look for choppy European markets in the run-up to the weekend. Read more

FX Update: NZD remains subdued ahead of the election

U.S. stocks surged higher to begin the week as Hurricane Irma came ashore in Florida with a less catastrophic result than anticipated and the perceived threat of a North Korean missile test failed to materialize. As Florida dealt with one of the worst storms in its history, investors took a separate and distinct outlook away from the potential human toll. Read more

Economies of Note

Australian dollar trading has been choppy over the last 24 hours ranging from 0.7871 to 0.7950, initially influenced by better-than-expected Chinese manufacturing PMI and Australian private capex figures. This uptick, however, turned out to be short-lived with a drop to 0.7871 a major support level. Read more

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