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FX Update: Europe breathes a sigh of relief after Macron’s win

There was an air of general relief by financial markets, with geopolitical risks easing, as polls for once were proved correct and the French Presidential election was won by centrist, pro-business, pro-European Emmanuel Macron in a convincing manner. Although this result was somewhat built into pricing, there was a rally in the EUR on Monday, but this was short lived as attention focused on whether Macron and his fledgling En Marche movement will be able to win a majority in the legislative elections in June. If he does not, this will limit any reforms that he has proposed to make the French economy more efficient and lower unemployment, curtailing his effectiveness as President.  Read more

Economies of Note

As expected the RBA left rates on hold at its Tuesday meeting. Rates have remained at a record low 1.5% since last August. Economic data continues to be mixed with unemployment stubbornly high at 5.9%, retail spending weaker and inflation remaining at near record lows. In a speech presented yesterday by the RBA Governor he commented that the key risk to the economy from any fall in house prices or rising interest rates, is what might happen to consumer spending. Read more

FX Update – NZ data this week should support the Kiwi dollar

Geopolitical risks continue to outweigh economic factors as market drivers, with the French elections, North Korea and US political machinations all contribution to the mix. The final poll for the French Presidency will be this Sunday and although the centrist candidate Macron is now expected to win, there remain a large number of undecided votes and right wing, anti-Euro Marine LePen has run a solid campaign. Look for choppy European markets in the run-up to the weekend. Read more