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Testimonials for Direct FX Services

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Andrew and team. I wish to convey my thoughts and thanks to you and the service you provide.  My only experience of international transfers in the past was with banks. Initially, I was rather skeptical and wary, though took the plunge and was rewarded with a service that exceeded my expectation - I got an apology as the reply to my initial email was 45 minutes..! One company I made a request to still haven't responded! You and your team made the process painless and easy.  Its transparent and safe.  Fast and cost effective. I can thoroughly recommend Direct FX for international transactions - absolutely. Many many thanks!
Jamie de Lange, Sittingbourne, UK

I found Direct FX via a NZHL Financial Adviser and I am so glad I did. That conversation was the start of a great relationship. I have worked in Aus, UK and NZ and I was completely fed up of the big banks giving me a poor rate and high charges to move cash.
The registration process was a few mins on the internet, a couple of emails to confirm ID and details and that was it. On top of that, Direct FX were quick to answer the phone and I found nothing but professionalism from start to finish. I have recommended these guys to others who have also found the service second to none.
In a word these guys are "wonderful". I would recommend them in a heartbeat

Andrew Hicks, Paraparaumu, New Zealand

Ian and Sam.
Thanks guys for a clean seamless transaction, also for all of your advice over the past year or so and for the professional advice you gave us throughout the whole process - initially I was sceptical about the way things were to be carried out, no-one could make it that easy without some sort of hidden agenda. But, after 'consulting' with the various banks and finding their lack of flexibility with exchange rates and working through mountains of their forms - we made the call and found things could not have been more well organised, through the many hiccups we had on the way that you guys steered us through, that were all bank related. The Aussie to Kiwi dollars transfer a dream.
Thank you again for all of your help and advice, we will definitely be recommending you to the WORLD!
Mal Evetts and Pauline Gardner, Opotiki, New Zealand

Having in the past used a number of currency brokers on an international level, including the big names, I can say without hesitation that Direct FX are a world-class brokerage of the highest caliber. Andrew and the team offer a wealth of expertise, as well as a swift and seamless transaction experience.  Yet that which sets Direct FX ahead of the game is the highly dedicated 'personal' service that they offer; a service that is delivered attentively and consistency without fail. There are few service providers that I trust and regard as highly as Direct FX. For my money, Direct FX are like the private bankers of the currency world - a class above the rest!
Ryan McWaters, Bath, United Kingdom

I have been dealing with the Team from Direct FX for over 20 years on both a professional (when in NZ) and now  personal basis (ex pat in Tokyo). With one phone call/email, I can transfer money in a number of different currency pairs without any hassle. Direct FX provide a very professional service, great execution, trade confirmation and great market commentary all at a very reasonable price. The true test however is when things go wrong (usually at my end), the boys swing into gear and get things sorted. Their vast experience in all things FX, puts them ahead of the rest.
William Hill, Tokyo, Japan

Thats terrific Sam. Between you guys at Direct FX and the folk I've been dealing with at TSB, I have to say that I have absolute conviction that NZ sh*ts all over the service one receives in Australia. You've restored my faith in humanity. 
Jacki Cole, Western Australia

Many thanks Andrew, it’s been a pleasure dealing with Direct FX and will be using your services in the future for sure.
Annette Beacher, Singapore

Thanks very much. It is a very streamline process you have in place. Easy to set up the account, make a trade request, receive your trade confirmation, and a couple days later it's done and dusted. A big thanks for the sharp rate you gave me as well.
Blair Cowan, London, United Kingdom

Thanks to everyone at your company for your help, you guys were really professional and prompt in answering all my questions.  I would definitely use you guys again!
Rebecca Rempel, Auckland, New Zealand

I would like to thank you for the exceptional service you have provided. Trusting one's money in the hands of someone I have never met, was a little daunting. But you came recommended and I will do the same. I will have no trouble highly recommending you for the trustworthy transfer, prompt and courteous emails and overall fantastic service that you provided to me. Once again, thank you.
Rose Palmer, New Zealand
It was with not a little hesitation that I went away from using the bank to transfer money overseas. Is it safe? Can FX companies be trusted? The answer, in my experience, is yes on both counts. I found the staff at Direct FX to be extremely helpful. There didn’t seem to be a time in the day where emails or information could not be exchanged. It didn’t seem to matter what silly questions I wanted answered, there was always a prompt reply and the offer of more help if required. When I was told something would happen in a specific time frame, it did. I can’t speak highly enough of the help and advice Andrew and Sam have extended to me at a very turbulent time (myself and my family, have just relocated back to the UK from Australia). It was one less thing I had to worry about. So thanks again.
Eamon Dillion, United Kingdom

Many thanks for the excellent service recently - very efficient, quick and financially beneficial.
Martin Clarke, Singapore

After my 2nd transfer today with Direct FX, I am reminded of my amazement with the service I received one year ago. Definitely the most efficient and highest level of service I have ever experienced from any company. Thank you Andrew and Sam.
Jenn Carlson, Perth, Australia

QUICK, FRIENDLY, EFFICIENT. We will definitely be recommending Direct FX to all our friends and family. There is just no substitute for the service they provide. They have the ability to do things banks don’t do (including better rates) and it has made foreign exchange so much easier for us where ever we are in the world! It is always a pleasure doing business with these guys and most importantly we feel 110% confident. We always feel welcomed and we appreciate that they have our best interests on mind. We will continue doing business  – Thank you Andrew Isbister and Simon Norrie.
Leigh-Ann and Marc, Tokyo and Wellington

Having never sent funds overseas before I was completely new to the process and not sure what to do and who to trust.  After personally knowing Direct FX, Managing Director, Andrew Isbister for a couple of years, I inquired if his company would be able to help me, but not confidant as it seemed like it was too small an amount.  But Andrew assured me that it would be fine and gave me a quote on the services.  After comparing this quote with the rate from another company a friend referred me to, I decided to go with  Direct FX. Everything went very smoothly with much help and any questions answered, clearly, from the Direct FX team.  Thanks very much Direct FX. I will not hesitate to use your services again!
Ian Colquhoun, New Zealander in Canada

Dear Sam. Thanks for doing such a great job transferring my money to New Zealand. If I come across anyone in a similar situation to mine, I'll let them know about Direct FX. All the best.
Robert Stuart Collins, Wanganui, New Zealand

Transferring funds from Australia to New Zealand was very simple and straight forward with Direct FX and I would recommend them to anyone.  I think banks do very well for themselves and like the idea of getting really good value for my dollar and with Direct FX that is certainly the case, it makes a considerable difference to your dollar landed in your account.  They were friendly and helpful making me feel confident in the transaction and I will certainly use them again.
Antonia Ronchi, Napier, New Zealand

Dealing with Direct FX has been a great experience. Their service is always prompt, professional, and 100% reliable. I highly recommend them for anyone looking for stress free currency transfers at competitive rates. After dozens of transfers, I'm so glad I chose to go with them over my bank.
Adam King, Wellington, New Zealand

Apart from some initial unease with the concept of entrusting a company via a phone call with a significant value of hard earned money I have found transferring funds to Australia over the past couple of years totally reliable and ‘as easy as’ with Direct FX.  Whether the amounts have been large or smallish in my world the level of service has been consistently excellent through my measure of helpfulness, efficiency and cost. In my mind a great benchmark for an industry as we would like to see it.
Peter Hall, Timaru, New Zealand

I have used Direct FX on two occasions in last year to transfer reasonable sums from Australia. While I hold an AUD account with a NZ bank,  Direct FX was able to offer considerably better rates and informed commentary on currencies. They booked a rate without needing to see funds and allowed 3 days to settle. The service was very efficient and I would not hesitate to use them again. I very useful company to have access to when transferring overseas funds.
Craig Anderson, New Zealand.

I started doing business with Direct FX in July of 2012.  Transferring significant sums of money around the globe can be stressful and of course you also want to be certain that you're getting a competitive rate.  Direct FX exceeded all my expectations in this regard whilst at the same time being extremely responsive and professional.  Communications by email and then prompt follow-up phone calls when required take all the stress out of getting on with business, regardless of what time zone you're in. I highly recommend Direct FX services.
Paul Claxton, Wellington, New Zealand

We have been using Direct FX to complete transactions on a regular basis for the more than 6 months and conduct our business by phone and or email. The service is very friendly, efficient and no fuss which is great when time is short and the rates very competitive. Very happy to recommend Andrew and his team.
Dean and Anne Fredericksen, Orange Australia

I have found Direct FX services to be everything I have needed them to be: reliable, fast, professional and offering highly competitive rate of exchange. I am more than happy to recommend their services. 
Matti Koopman, Redding, CA, USA

Fast, efficient, with excellent communication. The best foreign exchange rates I could find anywhere. Safe and secure. Thank you, Andrew, for the great service.
Hugh Underhill, Director, Wellington, New Zealand

When you need to transfer your funds without hassle or excess fees, who should you call? Direct FX that’s who.  As a recent graduate heading overseas, every hard earned dollar of savings is needed. Direct FX was simple and cost effective. The money was in my US bank account when they said it would be, with regular updates along the way. And I didn’t have to deal with unhelpful bank staff at either end.  I would highly recommend this service to anyone.
Joel Andrew, Manhattan, New York

I have nothing but great things to say about Andrew Isbister and the team at Direct FX! I moved to Australia from the UK late last year and the guys were so very helpful, working with me over a period of about 6 months to find the best time to move my hard earned savings from GBP to AUD. I was and still am a complete novice when it comes to foreign exchange transactions and Andrew was incredibly patient with me, taking the time - both over email and on the phone - to help me to understand market conditions in clear and most importantly, non-intimidating language. Even when I asked for "crystal ball' type predictions, he wasn't fazed! When I was finally ready to make my transaction, it was simple and very speedy. I'm very grateful for his help and cannot recommend Direct FX highly enough. Thank you again.
Lucy Johnston, Melbourne, Australia

My husband Colin and I are absolutely thrilled with the professionalism, and care and regard taken, by Andrew and all his team, with all our foreign exchange transactions. From the first contact, when I happened to find Direct FX on a Google search, and being initially really unsure about what we were doing, the company has helped us through every stage. They have definitely saved us a lot of money, compared with what the Banks were going to charge. Andrew, if you have any newcomers like us, please refer them either to our emails, or even phone me, I will have no hesitation in telling them about your wonderful service, and manner in which you deal with folk like ourselves. I cannot thank you all enough, for the hard work you put in with each and every one of our transactions.
Lee and Colin Campbell, Papakura, New Zealand

As a relatively small customer on the books of Direct FX, I was impressed by the level of professionalism and commentary they demonstrated to guide me through to making the right money transfer decision. I got direct calls from Sam and Andrew regularly throughout the process, which was invaluable. I would have no hesitation in recommending them to friends, family and peers. I rate them.
St John Craner, Havelock North, New Zealand

I was apprehensive in the beginning as I had not heard of Direct FX, even though it has been an Australasian company for years. It is not unusual, as I have only used my bank in the past, as I only do international transfer once per year usually, for very small amounts of money. I attempted to check to make sure this is a company that is well known, and after speaking to my accountant, I was convinced that your company was not too good to be true. It saved me thousands of dollars using your service compared to if I used my usual bank, for my international money transfer. For anyone who are migrating in and out of Australasia, this company will save you money for sure :). Thank you for your service.
Judy Huang, Sydney Australia

Thanks a lot for your expeditious service.
The money got to Zimbabwe on time. I am very pleased with your service and would definitely use your services in future. I would certainly recommend the service to friends and colleagues.
Leonard Chari, Perth, Australia

Money is in. Thanks to all at Direct FX, especially Sam. I'll certainly be recommending you to any Pommie mates who come to New Zealand and are looking to transfer money over. Very friendly and efficent service. 
Paul Wilson, Wellington, New Zealand

Thanks a lot for making these transactions smooth and easy. Compared to the rate my bank was offering and the fee they would have charged me, your service was pretty helpful. Your reputation is well deserved.
Frederic Soumagnas, Wellington, New Zealand

I would like to thank you for your help with this transfer. This exercise has been stress free and quite straightforward. Totally different from our experience with the banks. I know this is small transaction for you, but it’s not for us. I have been impressed with the communications from Andrew throughout, keeping us updated with progress every day. Thanks again.
Brian Himsley, Waitakere, New Zealand

We needed a fast transfer of funds from New Zealand to Denmark and that is exactly what we got. I was hesitant at first to use an alternative to the traditional banks, but my fears were quickly relieved as the details of the transfer process were explained with great patience and thoroughness by the staff at Direct FX. Our funds were securely deposited into our Danish bank account within a couple of days. We were positively impressed with the speed of service, the refreshing friendliness of the managing director, and the money we saved by not going directly through our banks. We will definitely be using Direct FX again in the future and gladly recommend their services to others.
Michelle Hansen, Holsted, Denmark

Absolutely fantastic. Yes we were at the bank organising some stuff and it was a pleasant surprise to see the money in the account before lunch. I was nervous about doing it this way, and I phoned the Australian Securities and Investments Commission and an accountant to double check. But I am so glad I did as you have been very professional and helpful. Thank you so much for your efficiency and expediency! We really appreciated it. If I ever need to do this again, I know where to go and I shall suggest you to anyone in our situation. Thanks so much again.
Cherie Costar, Pie Creek, Australia

Direct FX offered the best exchange rates, were professional and efficient and a pleasure to deal with!
Christey West, Christchurch, New Zealand

Direct FX were very helpful and informative when I transferred funds from the UK to NZ, even down to providing me with a template letter to send to the bank. Thanks, it was great service!
Michele McCreadie, Wellington, New Zealand

Requiring funds to be transferred quickly at short notice and after contacting Direct FX and dealing with Sam Coxhead, the service provided was of the highest standard, with the process explained to me throughout and any questions answered immediately and any concerns removed and replaced with confidence of dealing with professionals throughout the entire transaction. I have nothing but the highest praise for Sam and the way this transaction was explained and handled by him and Direct FX. There is no hesitation in recommending Direct FX over EVERYONE else, for International Money Transfers.
Paul (last name withheld for privacy reasons) , Palmerston North, New Zealand

Direct FX are an absolutely first class money transfer service and company to deal with. I needed to transfer the GBP proceeds of my UK house sale, to New Zealand dollars, in time to meet the deadline for purchase of a NZ property. I was at first nervous of using this unfamiliar method (i.e. not a bank), and not helped by several people I know who were also quite wary, when I mentioned how I was transferring my money. Their opinion was  whilst banks charge a higher commission, they are safer. However now they have seen the results, the conversation theme is “what a rip off banks are” and how they won’t be using them for foreign exchange! Amazing!!  I’m so glad I didn’t listen – wouldn’t now use anyone else!! And saved heaps. Can’t recommend highly enough.
Sharon Routh, Auckland, New Zealand

Thanks for your great service, I will recommend you to anyone else I know who needs money moving.
I have also told Jim Dowset that you did an excellent job, so I am sure he will also refer you again.
Best regards.
Norman Paige, Tauranga, New Zealand

Thank you for your fantastic service, keeping me well informed all along the way, your quick responses, and even organizing an order at 10.30 at night! I am pleased it all went smoothly and professionally and if in the near future I will need a money exchange, I will certainly make use of the services of Direct FX again. I will also be recommending Direct FX to other people.
Chris van der Have, Hastings, New Zealand

I used the services of Direct FX for a large transfer from Australian dollars to British Pounds.  Having never transferred currency before with a foreign exchange provider, I felt very apprehensive, however knew from the moment I traded with Direct FX, that I was in good hands.  I was very impressed with the service - As soon as my rate had reached the level I had asked for, I received a call notifying me, so I didn't miss out on an opportunity.  At that point, I was given information about what had caused the rate spike (which gave me a greater understanding of the market) and I felt like I could make my own decision without any pressure.  The transfer itself was dealt with swiftly, with regular communication and payment hit my UK bank account within a few days of the currency trade.  Overall, DirectFX provides a top notch service, their tailored weekly updates (geared to the currency you are interested in trading) are informative and helpful, and I would highly recommend them in the future to anyone who is seeking to buy or sell currency.
Joanna Dennis, Moonee Beach, Australia

I have used the services of Direct FX a couple of times to transfer funds from the UK, and I must say that the service was exceptional and the process seamless, both times.  The service far exceeded my expectations with excellent communication and advice, ensuring that the best rate was achieved for my circumstances. Again the transaction process was great and funds were in my account very quickly. I will definitely be using Direct FX again for further transactions and would wish to thank Andrew for going the 'extra mile' in terms of service...
Tom Densem, Laingholm, New Zealand

Moving from Australia to Canada has presented quite a few challenges and one of these was working out the best way to transfer our savings. Direct FX, and in particular Sam Coxhead, have been extremely helpful in making this process as easy and smooth as possible. They gave us a much better exchange rate than we were able to get from our bank and provided a lot of advice throughout process. As we were dealing with our life savings, I was quite anxious and I found Sam to be particularly helpful in allaying my fears. Overall I would highly recommend Direct FX as a firm to deal with when needing to transfer funds from one country to another.
Thomas Tentake, Canada

I highly recommend the service and support provided at Direct FX. I have found them reliable, professional and extremely personable, not to mention, they provide the most efficient and cost effective option I know off. I am a regular but relatively low value user and they treat me as though you are a high end client, explaining things in detail and helping you understand everything that is happening. Their knowledge is up-to-date and very user friendly.
Zoe Dryden, Owner,, Nelson, New Zealand

Thanks for your help, it is a really simple process isn't, and I'm really happy with the extra money I got and saved, compared to doing it through the bank like I usually do, so I'm sold! Will definitely be using you for all my future transactions!
Simon Birchall, Greytown, New Zealand

I needed to sent to Europe a large amount of money. I knew the regular bank will not give me a very good exchange rate. I did some research on internet and Direct FX popped out. I sent the test amount of money and whole operation was done very quickly and professionally with the best possible rate. I then sent the large amount and it was all done as before. I have no hesitation to recommend Direct FX as the best, most efficient way of sending money overseas. Thank you Direct FX and Sam Coxhead. I will keep using your services in the future.
Lucija Grgic, Brisbane, Australia

After selling our home to move from Australia to the US I had the task of moving this large sum across. I had never heard of FX trading before so I exchanged a few thousand the traditional way (via the bank). Even though the Aussie dollar is currently going gangbusters (ie on parity if not better than the US dollar) I still lost money in the exchange. So I started surfing the web in search of a better way to move our money across. That's when I came across a website comparing FX trading companies. This was all new to me and I didn't want to lose our hard earned dollars. After looking at several companies I decided to call a few just so I could get a better feel for how it all works. Andrew at Direct FX stood out from the pack because he took the time to explain the whole process, was reassuring and professional. I decided to go with Direct FX and it was the best decision ever! We moved money across twice and both times Andrew provided personal and exceptional service, walking me through every step of the way. Definitely better than the banks both in service and exchange. Didn't lose a cent, in fact I was better off. I have absolutely no hesitation in recommending Andrew and the Direct FX team to anyone else.
Richard Broederlow, Utah, United States of America

A friend recommended Direct FX to my husband and I when we returned to NZ from the UK, he spoke very highly of Andrew and the company. With the regular contact through email updates and telephone conversations we knew we were getting the best service and possible exchange rate, and we were not disappointed. From the start to the end of our dealings they were professional, informed and very courteous, for all future transactions we will definitely be using Direct FX.

We would also like to congratulate them on their effort for the Christchurch earthquake appeal.
Fiona and Jon Burke, Wellington

Direct FX are fantastic. They offer much more appropriate exchange rates than the banks, and are extremely efficient and courteous. I highly recommend their service.
Fred Kiernan, Fitzroy, Australia

I have been using the services of Direct FX since 2001. They have been integral to my FX trading in wholesale markets, over these years. The latest Direct FX offering has now become a fundamental asset to my personal affairs. They continue to offer the same price value, quality execution and service levels in the public domain. I highly recommend this service for all who require currency payments or transfers in personal and business matters.
Matt Willis, Interbank Trader, London

I would like to thank Direct FX for their good advice, explanation of the process and getting the best rate for me. It was a quick and simple process which made my life easier now I am moving overseas. Once again thank you very much and I would not hesitate to recommend them and would use Direct FX again when needed.
Suzanne Koster, Netherlands

Easy, Efficient and Economical. We run a small business that imports pet products to Australia. Direct FX have simplified and streamlined our FX needs with a simple email and phone call. No more cueing and filling out forms at the bank, no more retail FX rates, and importantly, no more transaction fees.
Bryan Keough, Murray Macleay, Sydney Australia

Late last year I was asked by family to arrange a currency exchange of a seven figure NZD amount – Gulp, I thought I’d better get this right! I compared Direct FX with a Major Trading Bank and found that on paper Direct FX offered significantly better rates, had no extra charges, had more hands on experience and were just a phone call away i.e. directly to the “source”. Being fully regulated and also transacting deals between Major Trading Banks, the choice was simple. From the moment of engagement the process was seamless, interactive, informative, carefully planned and skilfully executed. It was transparent, receiving accurate and articulate advice throughout and I always felt in control which was paramount. All in all “we” couldn’t have done a better job for my parents. If I can use an analogy it would be: we’d all prefer to buy our meat from the local butcher because we know the product and service is better but often it is more expensive – with Direct FX, the product is significantly cheaper and like the butcher they are pleasant to deal with and make the experience fun – you don’t get that at the supermarket.
Tim Whitehead, Wellington, New Zealand

I have never felt confident when it comes to shifting money across currencies, the core reasons being my own ignorance regarding currency markets and also the suspicion that I was paying excessive commissions to the banks.  I was introduced to Direct FX earlier this year and decided to give them ago.  My experience was very positive and the service better than I had expected.  Andrew and his team were constantly available to answer questions etc, so much so that I can honestly say that I not only got a good rate but I also learned a lot and even enjoyed what was quite a lengthy relationship. Would I use Direct FX again? Absolutely!
David Graham, Tauranga, New Zealand

I was put onto Direct FX by a family member and I’m so glad that I used them rather than the banks, not only due to the excellent exchange rates they use, but also for their fabulous service. Andrew Isbister and his team were incredibly helpful from the first moment of contact, right until the money was in my account and for the follow-up afterwards. Andrew was personable, helpful, knowledgable and available to help me out over the phone far past normal business hours; something that is certainly needed when dealing with bank hours from overseas. I certainly will be recommending Direct FX to my friends returning from overseas!
Gail Moynagh, Wellington, NewZealand

I would regard my experience with Direct FX as VERY positive. The staff were extremely knowledgeable and I received regular updates and follow-ups regarding my transaction and found their guidance very reassuring. The transaction was swift and efficient and all within my allocated time frame. I will definitely be making any future international transactions through my Direct FX account.
Kristen McPherson, Australia

I was most impressed by the quality of service from Sam Coxhead and the Direct FX team. Sam provided me with regular updates on what financial markets were doing, and I was able to execute spot and forward FX trades at favourable levels. Spreads were substantially lower than if I had gone through a retail bank, and I was able to save $15,000 in commissions on my trades.  
Gary , Expat, Singapore, (surname withheld for privacy reasons)

Every overseas trip is a lot of organising for myself and my business. One of the tasks is to find a bank with the best FX rates and then to go there personally to convert the currency. Instead last time I used Direct FX’s services and it made my life much easier. I just said how much money I needed to convert and when. Direct FX did the job for me hassle free and without charging fees!Good communication and everything ONLINE which was just PERFECT! I wish more things in life were simplified like this. I'm definitely recommending Direct FX services and hope to use their service again soon. Thank you guys!
Klara Sadlova, Freelance Graphic Designer, New Zealand/Czech Republic

To prepare ourselves for a six month trip around Australia, we needed to exchange a large amount of NZD for AUD.  Having worked in the banking industry some years ago,I knew the trading banks generally do not offer the best exchange rates. After some research, I contacted Andrew at Direct FX and asked him to handle our transaction.The rate quoted by Andrew saved us nearly $1,000 over the bank rates, and the communication from Andrew and his team was prompt and professional.  I would not hesitate to use them again – and at the rate we’re spending money on the trip – we may have to!
Noël  Jelsma, Whangarei, New Zealand

When I recently needed NZD converted to EURO, to transfer money overseas for a business expense,I used the guys at Direct FX. Direct FX are an incredible currency transfer service. They are professional, friendly, and damn good at what they do.Best of all, they gave me a wholesale currency exchange rate, which saved me plenty of money.
Karl Tiefenbacher, New Zealand

I had never transferred a large amount of money between countries before so was blindly going to do it through a bank for ease.  I was recommended by a friend to do it through an FX trading company and had a look around.  After researching several other companies, I comfortably decided on Direct FX.  Their site looked professional, their rates were among the best and their level of support was excellent.  I was apprehensive about passing over a sum of money to someone over the phone that I had never met before, but the support was very reassuring and everything was explained perfectly.  Constant updates were provided and the process went very smoothly within several days.
Symon Tait, Auckland, New Zealand

Recently I was appointed the Sales Director of National Foods in Australia. This required relocating the family and funds from Auckland to Melbourne. Having never moved large amounts of currency I needed to find a company I could trust and one that would deliver a great financial result. Sam Coxhead from Direct FX made the process very simple and delivered the result I was after. I highly recommend using Direct FX.
Dan Gilbert, Melbourne, Australia

A friend recently told me about Direct FX and said they have the best exchange rate, if you need to do an international money transfer. I needed to convert New Zealand dollars to US dollars. I was astounded at how good the Direct FX rate was, when compared to my bank. These guys are a small business’s best friend, especially in these tougher times. I for one am very glad I was referred to them.  
Paul Hodder, Managing Director Procard International, New Zealand

In 2010, we sold up our home and share of a business and relocated from Wellington to Brisbane. The NZ dollar was under pressure and so we only transferred what we needed and then took advantage of short term fluctuations to get a good result. Throughout this process I was guided and advised by Simon Norrie of Direct FX and I found both his tactical and strategic advice to be excellent. When you are transferring your family’s complete net worth it is important to know you are being looked after.
Mike Guyomar, Templetons, Brisbane, Australia

I have used Direct FX on several occasions to get me the best international exchange rate for sending funds abroad. They made the process so easy and were available at all times to discuss what was, for me, a major step. They provided a personal and highly professional service.
Ellie Smith, Actress, New Zealand

Within two hours of contacting Direct FX, my account was open, and I had locked in a rate for my first NZD to AUD transfer. The following day my transfer was complete. This was significantly faster and easier than using a bank. But the best part was their FX rate gave me savings of AUD 650.00, when compared to the rate my bank offered. Plus I avoided paying bank fees. The total saving was the equivalent of nearly one percent of the transfer value. A great all round service, thanks guys.
Michael Boyd, Senior Business Analyst, Macquarie Bank, Sydney

Dealing with Direct FX made the transfer of money from the sale of our family home to our account in Australia really easy. The direct personal service provided, with the regular updates and best exchange rates made what was perceived to be a difficult time simple. I highly recommend Direct FX for overseas transfers and would gladly use them again. Thanks Direct FX.
Deagon Grime, Police Officer, Australia

I have used Direct FX on a number of occasions to transfer money from Australia to New Zealand. The main advantage is the simplicity of the transaction and cost. Previously I had found when transferring a decent amount of money via a bank, once you take into account the banks margin and fees, the cost was quite ludicrous. With Direct FX you can leave orders, there are no fees, and the margin is minimal. Being overcharged by a bank was infuriating. This is most certainly not the case with Direct FX.
Donald Kerr, Executive Director, Australia

Direct FX has greatly simplified our monthly FX transfers. No more lost payments, great rates and personal service. Highly recommended.
Ariane Blanch, Director g2enhance, Sydney, Australia

As a first time exchange buyer the guys at Direct FX were really helpful in what I needed to do to get started. With better rates than doing this through a bank, and their personal service, I would happily recommend them to other first time traders.
Murray Cambie, IT Consultant, New Zealand

I have used the services of Direct FX for a variety of different transactions. I have found their careful and attentive approach refreshing when compared to my previous providers. They made the whole process very simple and transparent, and that made my life very easy. All in all, a great experience. Direct FX are now a permanent fixture in my Currency Transfer dealings.                                             Henry Whyte, H.R Manager, Canada

As an importer, Foreign Exchange is the important part of our business. We started to use the Foreign Exchange service from Direct FX from 2009. We love it since the first transaction! Friendly people. Better Rate. Easy communication and simplified process. There is only one thing we are regretting about is having not use their service earlier.
Xinyang Yu, Director, New Zealand

I’ve been using the services of Direct FX for several years now. As a rule they have been exceptionally efficient and professional in all my currency transactions, but more than that, they have been a pleasure to deal with. Perhaps the thing I value most about the company is its honesty and integrity. They have always been completely transparent in their dealings with me and do not hesitate to give the best advice, even when in some (rare) cases it may be contrary to their own interests (usually when dealing with illiquid currencies). In terms of offering the most competitive rates on exchange deals they have always beaten the market for me, and I do not hesitate to recommend them wholeheartedly.
Jamie Popham LLB/BA, Executive Producer, Kuala Lumpur

I was very impressed with the ease in which the transaction was managed; all the details were provided to me in a clear and concise manner. By using Direct FX instead of my bank for my GBP 15,000 transfer, I was $500 better off. I will definitely use Direct FX again to send money back to New Zealand.
David Lilly, I.T. Contractor, London

As a small business owner, Direct FX have provided me with a hassle free solution to pay my suppliers directly in USD at much better rates than the bank, & no transaction fees. The service is fast & informative & is saving me time & money. Why would you use a bank when there is a service like this available? You wouldn’t. I can’t recommend them highly enough!
Roslyn Bellerby, Director, Deshabillé Pty Ltd, Australia

I have used Direct FX twice now to transfer money to and from Australia. The first time was pretty straight forward, just had to get my account set up, and the second time was ridiculously simple. Literally just called up, told them what I wanted and the money showed up back here in my Auckland account in no time. Rates are much better than the bank too. A + will trade again.
Charlie Coxhead , Director,, New Zealand

Brain Fuel is an online education provider in New Zealand. As we purchase some of our resource materials overseas, we require currency conversion for our payments. We have used your Direct FX service and found that the process was easy, the service level was high, and the third party received their payments. Brain Fuel benefited from a much better rate than retail, a much easier and prompt efficient service. Saving time and money. Thanks for this service you are offering and we certainly will continue to use it.
Chris O’Shea, Director, New Zealand