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Currency Order Types

When instructing us you will need to give one of the following order types:

With all order types, the order amount, the currencies being bought and sold, and the prevailing market conditions, all have an influence over our ability to complete transactions.

At Market Order
A request from you to trade at the current market exchange rate. Requesting an at market order rate from us does not constitute a transaction between us. Only if you agree to trade at the exchange rate is a transaction in place. At market orders can be requested for amounts equal to or greater than NZD10,000, or the foreign currency equivalent.

Limit Order
An instruction by you to transact at an exchange rate not currently available. For example, if you wanted to sell AUD and buy USD at USD 0.90, but the current exchange rate was USD 0.88, you can place a limit order with us to sell AUD and buy USD when the exchange rate of USD 0.90 is available. We will then watch your order 24 hours a day until completed or cancelled by you. Limit orders can be placed for amounts equal to or greater than NZD 20,000, or the foreign currency equivalent.