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Australian Private Capital Expenditure

Written by Sam Coxhead on November 25th, 2010.      0 comments

11:43 AM (AEST) Australian Private Capital Expenditure numbers just released came out at 6.2% for the quarter vs a market expectation of 3.2%. This is a notoriously volatile number, but a good indicator of current business sentiment in the private sector, AUD moves just marginally higher. The impact would have been larger in normal market conditions. The  high level of global uncertainty will mean that domestic data is often over looked for the time being.  While the USD still looks to appreciate further, it has run into reasonable levels of resistance against a number of currencies. It will be interesting to see what eventuates in Europe in the upcoming session.
Note , the markets are thin as we head into thanks giving weekend in the US, so move may be accentuated over the next 48hrs.
          Last 24 hours trade
  Current level Pre-P.C.Exp. Chge since P.C. Exp.   Low High
NZD/USD 0.7597 0.7597 0.0%   0.7578 0.7644
AUD/USD 0.9837 0.9830 0.1%   0.9735 0.9853
NZD/AUD 0.7723 0.7729 -0.1%   0.7717 0.7791
AUD/NZD 1.2948 1.2938 0.1%   1.2835 1.2958
NZD/GBP 0.4815 0.4815 0.0%   0.4801 0.4837
NZD/EUR 0.5696 0.5697 0.0%   0.5673 0.5717
NZD/JPY 63.43 63.45 0.0%   62.96 63.69
NZD/CAD 0.7680 0.7685 -0.1%   0.7676 0.7783